Arena Points Conquest Change

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Arena Points Conquest Change

Post by mekell » Mon May 16, 2011 10:22 am

Well the 180p/win makes arenas far less desirable, especially going with a healer. I grouped up with my arm's warrior friend and we were going to do some arenas. well we won the first 3 games, but they took almost an hour to play. Every single game was 15-20 minutes for 180 points. Totally not worth it.

So after getting so frustrated at the long long matches, i swapped to feral and we went double dps (My feral set is way better than my resto set anyways - resto is my offspec for pvping). Won the next 8 games :P.

Not bragging, just felt the need to point that that given the recent nerfs, at least in 2s, theres even less reason (unless you are super competative to try to get near the top of the brackets) to run with a healer. Double Dps for either a very quick win or very quick loss and get your conquest points...that is until they change it again :/

Build up 5 quick combo points, use them, instant cyclone the other opponent and finish burning them down for a pretty quick win in most cases so far.

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