Goodies from the Class Design & Balance Q&A

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Goodies from the Class Design & Balance Q&A

Post by shinryu » Wed Nov 09, 2011 10:46 pm

So...a few interesting things, some (imo unpleasant) news, and more. Not gonna post the whole transcript since, well, that'd probably take up several posts, so this is more of a general discussion from what feral ones got in there.

I'm unhappy to hear they're still going with the whole mangle/shred philosophy going forward; NO other melee class has to deal with this crap besides Sub rogues, so why are they so intent on keeping it? Personally I've stopped giving up on reason and am now just assuming they hate ferals and want you to suck when they design crap bosses you cannot attack behind. There's literally no other reason I can think of now given that both run benefit from the glyph, so to me, it's their insulting way of saying you get to suck on X boss because you can't hit it from behind; granted other melee classes suffer a bit from attacking in front also due to parries, but none of them (besides sub rogue) have to actively use basically a sub attack instead of whatever their main one is, ret pallys still attack with CS and Judge, assassination rogues will still spam Mut, but we get to exchange the better attack for a weaker attack. Even if their own internal suggestion of it being a 5% difference is true, that's still 5% that could mean the difference between a wipe or not, or maybe even sitting on a boss or not (which given how many of the fights are unfriendly to melee, yeah...).

It also seems like they are wanting to move into pretty much druids being the hybridy class again, which I dislike as well; I don't want to drop form and stop attacking to become crappy emergency healer, I don't want to stop meleeing to start shooting moonfires out of my ass or sit there spamming wrath to get a temp atk boost to melee, that to me is not a fun compelling reason to play when its other peoples' jobs to fill those roles. I know that probably isn't the popular sentiment around here, but that's how I feel anyways, I want to be free to just attack the boss and worry about staying alive (maybe the rare Tranq to help) instead of also having play half-ass in another role that shouldn't need to be filled if others are doing their job.

Infected Wounds gets baked into the Cat tree, which seems really odd considering it's pretty much a bear only talent unless you pvp. Mangle will also be losing it's bleed debuff (though that was announced prior). It also seems Wild Charge will be a combination of Stampede and FC for kitty also, which I guess gives it the advantage over Incarnation atm (who knows what Force of Nature will do though). One thing I will note as interesting, throughout the QA, they keep listing the 60 talents as Wild Charge, Force of Nature, and Tree of Life (not Incarnation); whether that's a typo on their fault (since Incarnation basically becomes ToL for Resto) or if they're gonna let all druids pick up ToL, who knows as they also revealed Incarnation for Boomkins would basically let them do more spell damage with more cycling between eclipse.

So yeah...those are my impressions anyways from the Q&A. What do you guys think so far? All I know is that MoP is leaving me with a fairly bad first impression compared to Cata...

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Re: Goodies from the Class Design & Balance Q&A

Post by Evil » Tue Nov 15, 2011 4:16 am

Totaly agree with your point of view - same opinion here. It's a shame they are always stay on the shred from behind thing in combination of Boss fights you aren't able to shred anyway.

There are 2 solutions or maybe 3:

1.) Change Shred not beeing a Main-Attack from behind.
2.) Change Boss Fights - so you are able as kitty to get into a shred-position.
3.) Give us another Main-Attack where we aren't loosing such a amount of damage attacking in front.

Eventually there are a few more solutions, but for me it looks like Blizz isn't interesting in changing kitty styles and kitty boss mechanics, because there aren't so many out there and from patch to patch even more are leaving the game. In other words - kittys aren't very important for Blizz, thats the fact and if they are gone .... there are alot of other melee classes around that doing alot more damage as we do, unfortunately.

For myself, I'm a kitty and stay a kitty - if I can't handle Blizz's bunch in my mouth again and again anymore - I'll quit this game.

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Re: Goodies from the Class Design & Balance Q&A

Post by mekell » Fri Nov 18, 2011 4:14 pm

What is overly disappointing is that they updated glyph of shred to glyph of bloodletting (allows mangle to extend rip). And according to Tangdyn (which i believe got results from Yawning and others) that this glyph is worse than the glyph of mangle in situations where you cant shred.

Oh the irony.

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