Warlord Zon'ozz

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Warlord Zon'ozz

Post by Qbear » Mon Nov 28, 2011 3:43 pm

Please keep all discussion of the 10/25m LFR, Norm, and Heroic Difficulties to the Warlod Zon'ozz encountered limited to this thread only.

Thank you.

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Re: Warlord Zon'ozz

Post by adianar » Mon Dec 05, 2011 5:36 pm

4 pulls to down him on reg 10. seemed to stress healers a bit until we added a 3rd healer. Biggest trick was coordinating the grp stk to spread the damage around in melee and ranged. Big blast of dmg inside the P2 side. Straightforward fight really.


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Re: Warlord Zon'ozz

Post by Sonsys » Mon Dec 19, 2011 7:05 am

Anyone managed to get this in 25man Heroic yet?
My question is more around raid tactic than kitty tactic, but hopefully y'all can help.

1) Shadow orb Bounces - Currently our plan is 9 > 7 > 5 The reason for that is to avoid the DoT's he throws out being reapplied just before the 2nd phase.
We do not dispel the DoT's and I believe our raid leader is totally against it.
We also use 5 single soakers (Spriest/Fire Mage) to get the ranged bounce, with everyone else stacked in melee range.

If anyone has downed this yet - What is your bounce strat? and the approx. distance you volley the ball at. We are being flexable with the bounce depending on the duration left on the debuffs.

2) Black Phase - Do you have 1 or 2 Eye stalk adds + 1 claw up at the end of the phase, or are you able to nuke them hard enough to drop them all. We seem to have a slight issue with having to clear up the tenticles after the phase is over for maybe 10 - 15second.

3) What split do you have on people in the Black Phase? We are currently trying 3groups of 8 players (1 kitty in beaform solo on the claw not in a group)
Casters killing Flails > Eyes > Claw
Melee killing Eyes > Claw

Any advise + Video + Diagram would be much appriciated.

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Re: Warlord Zon'ozz

Post by mangle » Wed Dec 21, 2011 12:27 pm


Copying and pasting from my video description, pretty much answers your question in terms of our strat. :)
[ Raid Composition ]

1 Tank, 7 Healers, 17 DPS.


[ Player Placement ]

[ Phase 1 ] All the melee (plus unassigned ranged and the odd healer) are assigned to sit on the back of the boss. Ranged soakers are spread out to the left of the boss as that is where they bounce the ball back and forth (we have mages + shadow priests soaking the damage).

[ Phase 2 ] We've divided the room into 4 different sections. One of the larger portions (red marker) is designated for the main tank (due to the cone-al AoE) and the rest of the raid is split into 4 groups consisting of DPS and healers. The tank mark is placed directly north of the minimap as that is where a Claw Tentacle will spawn in Phase 2. During this phase, the boss is pulled over to the claw so the melee (rogues namely) can cleave it down. The other claw, directly south on the minimap (marked square) is tanked by an offspec tank (a feral hybrid me; in this case). If there is no tank in range the claw will spew at random raid members, this is really detrimental for the beginning stages of that phase so making sure your tanks grab the claw right away is essential. A dedicated healer is assigned to heal me through this while I rotate my cooldowns (more on this later).


[ Tentacle Phase ]

Our priority is flails then eyes then claw. Depending on the makeup of the individual groups, you may or may not want to cross-dot. Each group will be assigned to kill two flails.The first and second tentacle phases we kill everything. The third phase we leave one eye up and let it die to attrition. Come to the fourth and final phase, we ignore tentacles altogether. We pop lust slightly before the phase begins and burn the boss down.
NOTE: Healing is very intensive at the beginning of this phase, we had shadowpriests PoM their group so that it could bounce from target to target and alleviate some pressure. Tranquiltiy, or any offspec cooldown is ideal to help healers out.


[ Ball Bouncing ]

We bounce 9 times first, then 7 times the follow phases. We have the boss initially tanked facing the direction of the soakers (left), forcing the ball to spawn over there. One of the ranged will hit the orb first (with some sort of CD) and knock it towards the boss. At this point melee will soak the first orb and send it back to the ranged, who from there will ping pong it between themselves. Mages can utilize their cauterize as fire and priests their dispersion. Melee can/should use AMZ if spec permits it.


[ Disrupting Shadows ]

Players will random get a debuff called Disrupting Shadows. This debuff needs to be taken care of one of two ways, 1) heal through it or b) dispel. If dispelled one will need to run out of the raid and call for a dispel, on heroic dispelling a target will cause a knockback to themselves and everyone around them. For our raid composition, we had melee sit in on the boss (the enrage timer is tight) and were healed through it. Ideally you would try and cooldown yourself to help the healers out. Soakers often will call for a dispel early to not disrupt their ping pongs.


[ Feral Tips ]

[ Feral Charge ]
If your raid chooses to always dispel debuffs be sure to use this on cooldown! Also great to get yourself to flails when Phase 2 transitions.

[ Offspec Tank ]
If you're obligated to be the second tank (like myself), make yourself a hybrid spec and remove points in Furor and Brutal Impact and put them into Thick Hide. This is not a serious DPS loss (as much as it could be with bringing a second tank) and can be very beneficial to the raid.

[ Stampeding Roar ]
Great to use while stacked and about to transition to Phase 2. Faster people are in position, faster tentacles will go down.

[ Innervate ]
Innervating during transition is great for healers.

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Re: Warlord Zon'ozz

Post by Kalze » Fri Dec 23, 2011 5:43 am

To add to this discussion I might add that if your DPS is good enough you can have 2 of your stronger (or simply less "target swap appropriate") classes stay on the boss 100% of the time, allowing for extra DPS on the boss should you be running into enrage timer difficulties. We usually end each black phase with 1 eye and the main tank's Claw up. Upon stacking for orb we kill off the claw while ranged multi-dot down the eye.

It should be noted so long as your healers aren't sleeping the debuff is very easy to heal through when compared with the hell of trying to coordinate the right times/places to dispel and makes the soakers who need to get dispelled have an easier time with their role.
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