MoaR MoP stuff

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MoaR MoP stuff

Post by IntoTheFray » Fri Jan 06, 2012 11:55 am

Hello everyone, Fray here. I'll go through the whole the whole "long time reader, first time poster" protocol. I was catching up on some old podcasts from team waffle and of course the MoP expansion came up multiple times. Here are a few snippets that I did not hear come up at all:

1) leather tanking gear will be demanded by both bears and monks, while I do not anticipate this becoming a reality, there is always the outside possibility. Perhaps even something small like agility rings with dodge/mastery would be nice.

2) legendary staff? I know this has been touched on many times, but I'm just too excited to let this one pass.

3) LW will become slightly more viable to make money, having another class with 3 specs wearing leather is awesome.

4) I know that the lack of bearcats in the future is going to be a huge deal, but I do have a few reservations about it. For the PVE bears the biggest thing is missing out on the dps, but my concern is geared more towards the soloability of quests in cat form. Getting bear taken away is a huge survivability loss. With that being said, I wonder how this will effect us in the realm of pvp as well. As it is I feel that kitties are a little squishy in arenas. I know that there are many exceptional ferals out there that crush arenas, but im not one of those few.

Thank you in advance for any response to this tired thread.

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Re: MoaR MoP stuff

Post by shinryu » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:09 pm

I honestly think tanking leather and probably staffs are going to be seen, it would be fairly naive of blizz not to since 2 tanking classes will now need it; consider they still cater to caster plate solely for holy pallys to the exclusion of everyone, and the QQ with feral bears not having anything for a plus roll on in lfr loot is just going to be mounting as 4 agil dps users fight them for gear, soon to be 5. But yeah, it'd be easy enough to throw in some extra armor or dodge on a ring or other items from like a vendor or something if they don't want to put it into boss loot tables.

LW as a moneymaker I dunno, it's not like they've ever released anything as a must-have craftable for LW as the expansion progresses, so they only real money would still be from the usual leg enchants and entry-level epics for a while. I don't see it being any more or less viable then currently.

Bear form isn't being removed as a shapeshift form you know, ferals will still be able to transform into bears and guardians into cats; there just won't be any underlying talent support like it is at the moment. Still, it would be harder to solo elites if they're given skull status I guess. PvP survivability probably takes a hit somewhere too, though you can always talent into whatever that one is in the last tier to boost your bear form benefits for a bit.

Also want to add, Monks are evil, stealing poor kitty gear...bad enough we have to fight with rogues directly for gear and huntards/enhance-lol shammy for oddball items like rings and trinkets.

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Re: MoaR MoP stuff

Post by Konungr » Fri Jan 06, 2012 2:57 pm

The LW craft-able Bracers are a "must have" BiS until Heroic Warmaster...

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