Need help?

For the smart druids who don't do this melee...thing.

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Need help?

Post by Alaron » Thu Mar 18, 2010 8:47 am

If you feel your character is lacking, I'll be happy to give your toon a quick look, and give you some recommendations. Please start a new thread and include the following:

1. Armory link
2. Specific question/problem
3. If possible, a WOL/WMO log parse. Pretty much required to give substantial rotation/cooldown usage advice.

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Re: Need help?

Post by Freyiia » Wed Apr 07, 2010 2:33 am

Hi I was wondering if you have heard of anyone else having mana regen issues since 3.3.3? Ever since the patch I do not seem to regen it while in combat. I spoke with a GM but that never does any good it seems though he did say something does not sound right but as of yet a week has gone by and another reset and I still do not get hardly any mana back. They told me to repair my install since I had just re-installed Wow but that did no good. Turned off all mods and still no mana regen. Here is a link to my main resto. ... cn=Freyiia

I changed out gems wiped her talent points and started over even redid some of her enchants. Now for the kick in the head I have a second druid I brought to the same realm after a guild I was helping fell apart. This one has no mana issues just doesnt heal as well because she isnt geared as well lol. ... %C3%A8jiia (hmm doesnt like the special character. It is a special e in her name Frejiia in Twilight Crusaders on Elune

My basic rotation is 1 Rejuv 3 LM then WG I will use Regrowth if I have to leave the tank to throw heals on raid then come back and bring him back up with Nourish if needed. I use Healbot, Decursive and have set up a bar beside healbot since I only have a 3 button mouse and left click is rejuv right is LB all other heals are in the bar. The link below shows my ui set up for healing. ... 012703.jpg

If you see anything wrong with her spec or gems I will take any advice I can get because I hate going oom and the worst part is she wasnt before the patch. :( Thanks in advance for your time.

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