Can you help my dad plz :-D

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Can you help my dad plz :-D

Post by Djaz » Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:36 am

Hey, I am writing on behalf of my dad. He is 58 years old and love det game, but he is just not that good of a player, so was hoping on some advise. ... ine/simple

He is level 85 and he is behind on what he is suppose to give in damage. He do like 5k-6k damage in heroics and that just not enough, often he gets kicked from groups and stuff. I have tried to give him different guides and rotation I found on the web... still no luck.

So is there any bulletproof way for him, to give som more dps ?
Maybe an addon that will help him alot ?

How much dps is he suppose to lay with his current gear ?

Feel free to ask more questions, sorry but I dont have a log file at this point from him.

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Re: Can you help my dad plz :-D

Post by Alaron » Wed Feb 02, 2011 9:41 am

Sorry, can't help a lot with boomkin. The gear looks okay, though he's missing a lot of enchants.

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Re: Can you help my dad plz :-D

Post by Dabeasty » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:09 am

Firstly, thats one of my favourite forum thread subject titles so far.

Secondly, tell him to read this ... r-401.html

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Re: Can you help my dad plz :-D

Post by mekell » Wed Feb 02, 2011 10:46 am

I am definitely no expert on boomkin but his gems look ok. However, his hit is super low. He may be able to enchant like normal, and reforge some to hit (i wouldnt enchant or gem for hit, reforging should be enough). I believe hit is way more important for boomkins than ferals.

If you have to choose what to reforge, for now choose mastery first, then crit (i think) because haste is too valueable at this point.

As long as hes keeping his dots up, and using eclipse properly, and firing starsurge every time its up, i would expect anyone in 339ish gear to do around 10k.

Here is a damn good guide on moonkin incase you haven't seen it: ... de_now_op/

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Re: Can you help my dad plz :-D

Post by Tinderhoof » Wed Feb 02, 2011 7:51 pm

Mekell is correct in that he is lacking in hit. Currently Boomkins gain hit from Spirit and from Hit rating. It looks like your father has removed 367 spirit and 44 hit rating through reforging. As the hit cap is over 1600 now I would highly recomend that he remove the above reforages until he can reach 17% hit (the cap)

Below are a lot of great Moonkin related blogs/forums. These are great resources and the authors are very good at offering advise.
Graylo (
Restokin (
The Moonkin Repository (

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Re: Can you help my dad plz :-D

Post by Djaz » Thu Feb 03, 2011 2:53 am

Thanks for all the replys.
THere is some few things we have to have in mind. At this point he is not planing on going on raids, he just wanna do heroics without getting kicked from group because of his lack of dps. so the to hit situation might not be as bad at this point.
But I will try to make him get some enchants andget his hit to 6 %.
But I still dont see how that will make him able to gain like 3-4k more dps.

His main problem is his rotations, maybe he need some addon to help him make it easier. I think he is like just pushing what ever spell not on cooldown ....hehe

I have tried to make him read several guides with no luck. So is there and easy bulletproof rotation I can ask him to do ?

So my plan is instead of giving him a hard time on his playstyle, I would love to say... hey read this and use these 4 spells (or something) and you can get maybe 2-3k more dps :-)

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Re: Can you help my dad plz :-D

Post by shinryu » Thu Feb 03, 2011 5:06 am

Well having done lots of moonkin before, here's my answer, and it sounds like a good fit to your dilemma:

The "easiest" way to play moonkin (abet, the less higher dps route, but it's competitive overall) is Sunfire spam. As best as I can describe it, basically tell your dad to get to the Solar Eclipse portion, and from there all he literally does is spam Moonfire (which morphs into Sunfire during Solar) WHILE MOVING; moving is crucial as it stacks Lunar Shower. Keep Insect Swarm up and refreshing it just before it drops off, and still use the usual CDs like Treants, Starfall, etc. DO NOT cast any other spells like Starfire, Wrath, Starsurge, etc; just keep moving while spamming Sunfire and keeping IS up. Now by moving, I don't mean literally moving all around the screen; short little movements to the left and right are enough, but the key is to constantly be in motion, otherwise Lunar Shower might drop and you'll have to waste a few casts building it back up. Sunfire spam is also incredibly mana efficient due to its extremely low cost when Lunar Shower is stacked, so that'll spare him from having to remember to Innervate as well if low on mana. If multiple mobs are up, tab through and toss a Sunfire onto each of them (NOT any that are being CCed though), then focus spam on whatever one the tank is on. I know this playstyle looks weird and definitely looks unconventional, but it does work, I've used it in raids and heroics plenty of times with success.

And definitely get him to the hit cap of 6% or whatever it is for Lv. 87 mobs, you won't need the full 17% for heroic bosses, and it definitely makes a difference between hitting and not hitting the enemy. Looking at his armory, his meta is...ok...for now, but you'll want to swap in a Burning Shadowspirit Diamond (or if you're sticking to the cheap side, a Chaotic Shadowspirit/Skyflare), that would bring his DPS up ONCE the patch hits. That will change his gemming a bit as well, you'll basically go all Red (Int) gems on everything except any sockets that give +20 int for a bonus, then it's ok to match em if you can with Reckless oranges or purified purples. The above playstyle I listed also favors Mastery over Crit, and as Mastery will be better than Crit once the patch drops, I recommend you aim for that now, which means reforging the Crit to Haste on the Staff, undo the reforge on the gloves and leave them be, and so on and so on; your new stat priorities once the patch drops will be Spirit/Hit to cap > Int > Haste > Mastery > Crit, so let that be your guide for any further reforging. He looks like he's a JC, remember he has 3 special JC gems he can socket, get those in. Invest in the cheap +30 stat green gems as well instead of using the ancient +10 and 20 ones, they're rarely more than 10-20g on a server depending on the cut, or you can opt for the pricer cuts at the higher price. Finally, ENCHANT your gear as well, even if he's not going to raid, having all the enchants in order boost dps as well, so follow the above stat priorities when looking at them.

I think that's about all I can recommend for now...if you want some gear recommendations, ditch the staff for a MH/OH combo (as staffs are relatively bad and get poor enchants). Baradin's Wardens gives a very nice epic hit trinket when exalted for 125 commendations, it's easy to get even if he isn't into pvp as they offer 6 dailies regardless of who has BH. Other than that, lemme know if you have any questions.

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