Types of analysis

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Types of analysis

Post by doaausef3li » Tue May 14, 2019 10:18 pm

Types of analysis

After examining what time frame the deal is right for you, you should ask yourself which types of analyzes you can use for a successful transaction. No other issue as opposed to a fundamental and technical analysis leads to discussion in trading spaces.

Fundamentalists ridicule the technical effort to predict the future trend of the rate using current rate changes. Fundamental analysis analysts like technical analysts to old predictors who predicted future events with the dead bodies of dead animals.
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News, economic reports, and financial authorities' views are fundamental tools for fundamental analysis, and technically they reject the data used in fundamental analysis, saying that the data are very contradictory and suggests that The final results of these data are presented in the process of rates and changes in the currency pair, and thus provide useful keys to the future rate trend.

Which group is right? In fact none. A transaction that only deals with fundamental analysis or only technical data, such as participating in a sports match and trying to get the World Cup in a single-handed position.
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Fundamentalists can talk as much as they want about global demand for oil, which will bring the price of this commodity to $ 100 a barrel, which would equal the Canadian dollar to the US dollar, but if they did so periodically Selling US Dollar / CAD, which is a fast bearish trend, and conditions indicate a sharp deviation in the charts, are likely to be detrimental.

Conversely, a technical trader can sell in a Fibonacci cluster, but if the release of an economic news is driving the market up, since many traders will be able to cover their positions, they will probably be affected.

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Types of analysis

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