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in trading

Post by doaausef3li » Thu Jul 11, 2019 11:26 am

Such traders are usually always in a hurry in trading, for fear of missing the moment. When a certain trend of a new pair rises, then the trader starts to open a position. But often, instead of continuing the trend, prices actually reverse (Reversal) and instead cause losses.
This attitude that is too rushed in trading is due to traders lacking confidence in the analysis made, resulting in doubts when they want to make a decision. When the pair analyzed moves according to the prediction, then he immediately places an order, no matter whether the trading signal has been confirmed or not.
One thing to know in the market is: moments will always come. If you want to anticipate certain moments and feel afraid of being left behind, then the advice of senior traders is to leave it behind. The best trading for some people is when there is no news (impact news), so the market will be more predictable. If you trade when a news release has a big impact on the forex market (for example the US Non Farm Payroll), then pair movements are often unpredictableتوصيات مباشرة للعملات
Once you have entered the wrong position, the profit that could have been predicted could change to a multiple loss. For that, believe that there will always be other moments during trading, because there is no term "No Second Chance" in the forex market.
In order to overcome the fear that the trader will miss this moment, he should be accompanied by a mentor. In addition, joining a forum can help him to consult more or even devote his heart. Because in the management of emotions, discussion sessions about the turmoil when trading is needed for the "maturation" process.توصيات فوركس
In addition to joining discussion forums or trading communities, traders who often feel left behind are also advised to trade on a demo account at least 100 times. Of course in every demo, he must use the same strategy, and through the guidance of several expert traders. Thus, the results of the analysis will be more tested, so there is no reason to not believe the analysis made by himself.

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