Best time to drop ArpEn Trinket and concentrate on Hard Cap

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Best time to drop ArpEn Trinket and concentrate on Hard Cap

Post by Zub » Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:59 pm

Hello All,

Been doing some serious rading lately and was wondering if I shoulddrop my Grim Tol and buy the Herkumi War Token and really start to ramp up some ArpPen gear.

Here is my ... cn=Zubeenk armory link (Well dangit, i logged off in Balance gear../sigh) and just got and was thinking of getting the Badge Cloak and Herkumi which with Fractured gems on each slot takes me close to 1100Arpen.

Should i just wait to get a better iLvl weapon with arpen on it instead of distant land and go from there?

Just need some input from the pros here.


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Re: Best time to drop ArpEn Trinket and concentrate on Hard Cap

Post by Mihir » Fri Jun 11, 2010 5:52 am

It's pretty much never worth it going to a lower ilvl weapon, since we scale so well with weapon dps (feral ap), so stay with distant land for now (heroic hersir's spear, or lich king polearm are good alternatives tho).

I can recommend replacing grim toll, however don't blindly gem 20arpen in everything. You can't get to enough yet to make it worth ignoring socket bonuses for. So put 10agi+10crit in yellow sockets, a nightmare tear in 1 of the blue sockets with +6 agi bonus (boots or weapon), and 20arpen in the remaining blue and red sockets. Don't use dreadstones for dps gear, a single nightmare tear is the only blue gem you ever need (until they introduce +10 or better socket bonuses in cataclysm).

I can also recommend switching around some enchants: agi on cloak, icewalker on boots, and berserking on weapon (since recently it was discovered that mongoose now only gives 30 haste rating, instead of the 2% physical haste it used to give). Scourgebane is also an option, it beats all other enchants as long as all mobs you're fighting are undead.

The cloak is also a nice upgrade; go for the trinket first tho.

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