Feral Guide: Mythic Emerald Nightmare

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Feral Guide: Mythic Emerald Nightmare

Post by DopeSick » Tue Dec 27, 2016 11:07 am

Hello! Current top 100 Feral according to logs. Blizz doing restarts, saw this didn't exist here. Lets get started.


Mythic Nythandra:

Same things as norm/heroic. With rots on mythic, have a strat helps more, like laying rot pools in straight lines towards the boss in the center. Imagine the entire room as a circle, and you want to draw an 'X' with the boss at the center. Now you have areas to DPS in and avoid the bugs that blow up and 1 shot you :(.

The added mechanic with Mythic is now Nyth does a Mind Control at 10 poison stacks right after her breath. So just make up a plan, everyone go to 1 spot in room after breath who has over 10 stacks, and aoe the players down to break mind control.

That's it. Now for kitty dps. Basic talents, 2/2/1/3/3/2/2. I take balance on all fights, all occasions except pvp (sometimes). The range is so important because of the spawns of bugs and rot pools, you can just step back a little further and still hit the boss from so far with balance.


Mythic Ursoc:

Changes quite a bit from heroic, so does our dps. Nah, it doesn't. We're feral.

Mechanic changes are the boss puts corruption circles down, and spawns an add that has to be killed or it fears and raid dies. For progression, you will have to dps this add. After progression, it shouldn't be needed. As feral, need a lot of ramp up time for DPS. This add dies in 10-25 seconds usually. Can barely get bleeds on it besides just tab rake. Back to progression info, you have to help kill this add. Find the timer for it to spawn and use the next rip on it and rake. Don't use ashmane's fury on it normally. Just put rake/rip/moonfire (if spec'd) and then build up the next 5 combo points on it with shred and go back to Ursoc.

The other mechanics of the fight can't be avoided, try to stay to the side/behind if possible and move into positions for your turn to soak the charge and be in range of roar. When he charges, you can chase a little if sprint is up and get a few extra attacks in.

Talents are also 2/2/1/3/3/2/2. If you find yourself dying during progression, switch from balance affinity to guardian or resto. Balance is better DPS because you can cheat positioning a lot of times, but if you're dead, no DPS. Don't die.


Mythic Spider Bird:

This fight sucks for us. Accept that some times you will be top dps, other times you will be bottom.

Mechanic changes, lengthy list of details must change from Heroic to Mythic for your guilds strategy. As for what effects you! Its a tether ability. You get tied to another player in the raid. This is bad for your DPS, because the line between the two of you damages anyone else and knocks them back considerable amounts. So, once you get this tether, depending on your guilds strategy, you're now mostly out of the fight trying to land any dps you can. This really depends on your guilds strategy and communication on where you will stand with the tether.

Go big dick, take that tanks feather!

No...Maybe not. On progression anyways, after progression, they're free game in my book. Positioning for this fight is all up to your raid leader, you don't have much choice. Save sprint for the run across the web bridge, don't use stampeding roar, because that helps the other dps also get there. You don't want them to have a chance to catch up to your dps. (pls use stampeding roar, even if you take a feather to help raid move faster)

Talents! The same as always for EN. 2/2/1/3/3/2/2. You can always use Sabertooth if you're doing progression and have difficulty focusing on snapshots. I have weak auras set so that it makes sounds when I get snapshot procs or bleeds are falling off, its all audio cues so I can focus on the fight visually. This is all preference of course.


Mythic Eyeball:

Fight also sucks, you won't be top dps. But what you do as a feral druid is very important for this fight. You can DPS the boss inside the room. A lot better than most other dps classes.

This is why I keep a basic talent build for all of EN, this fight. Take Typhoon. You NEED it. You have to help by using Typhoon to push the blobs to the eye in Mythic, you cannot make mistakes on this fight and expect to recover. 1 blob not where it needs to be is a certain wipe. This fight is 10-12 minutes.

Mechanics that effect your dps are standing in the circles that spawn, its just part of the encounter, you have to do it. You're feral dps is critical on the main boss in the chamber, save CD's and stack combo points before entering. You'll be doing this in 2 phases. So most guilds won't lust in here. You'll lust right as you come out to kill the tentacles, you can use a prolonged potion when you enter the chamber for 30 seconds, and have 25~ seconds of prolonged potion left for the tentacles with lust. Just preference.

If you want to try and rank on this fight as feral, you just pop your CDs and rotation as normal and hope your guild carries you even though you're doing constant dps, its probably not where its needed. 96 wipes on this boss with my guild, 10+ minute attempts. No. I don't recommend parsing.

Talents! 2/2/1/3/3/2/2 Typhoon as discussed. You can swap talents to brutal slash for aoe(dont recommend). You can swap to Incarnation for burst dps on the main boss in the chamber. It will be up every time. 3m cd. (dont recommend).


Mythic Cenarius:

Stay on boss entire fight and kill yourself on thorns with coordination of a healer so you can both top the DPS logs.

This fight you bounce between killing adds and the boss, keeping up bleeds is critical as well as getting to the spot you need to be, a lot of movement. Having Displacer Beast is very good here. You can blink over roots and get to the adds very fast, then blink back. That's the key to good DPS on this fight. The adds stay alive long enough for 1 or 2 rip durations. So be sure to swap early to adds so you can get the full duration of your bleeds. For progression, you'll find out you have to hit a dps requirement on this fight. So if you're having trouble staying above 350k, you'll have to find out what you're doing wrong. Not getting on adds quick enough, are you not snapshotting bleeds when you tab to adds? Check your logs with something like ClawAnalyst website or wowprogress logs.

Mechanics change for Mythic Cenarius is an extra add for you to kill. Cenarius gets thorns when adds are alive, don't kill yourself. Fight is really not that different, just need to find a strategy that your guild likes, and do it. The way you dps for this fight is avoiding the corrupted vines and blinking over thorns straight to the adds or blinking to the grass to drop your stacks utilize your mobility to its full potential this fight.

Talents are still the same here. 2/2/1/3/3/2/2. Displacer Beast is better than wild charge in my opinion because you don't need a target to use it. You can use either though.

Cenarius is a very difficult fight. Not that its hard, its that everything has to be within a margin of error. The vines in a good place, the add sprays a good direction. The tanks have mitigation for the spears. I tank this fight on my druid a lot because of the spears, and being able to have so much on demand mitigation.


Mythic Xavius:

Mechanics change a lot for Mythic Xavius. You'll most likely get the 2nd wave of dream states by standing the circles. Taking Typhoon for this fight is also beneficial to knock back the adds in phase 2. You will be on the boss 90% of the time, even more so than the other dps as with all fights. The adds die fast.

The big add the corruption horror that spawns phase 1 you will be keeping bleeds on and dpsing. They stack them together so easy tab targeting for bleeds.

Phase 2 the small adds start to spawn, if you take moonfire talent here which isn't a bad idea you can tab moonfire and use wild charge talent to quickly pounce around the room and kill those adds while maintaining your bleeds from the combo points that moonfire spam adds. Don't rip or ashmane's on the small adds, they die too quickly. Rake is good here.

Taking Balance Affinity again is the best option so you can keep bleeds on the boss, and tab to adds from a longer range. Also soaking corruption pools you can soak the ones close to Xavius and still keep in melee range with balance affinity. Vital.

Phase 3, you can stay on Xavius again while tabbing to the tentacles with moonfire/rake. and keeping rip and rake up on Xavius.

While taking the 2nd dream state, your ashmanes will have about 5-10 seconds until off CD when you take dreamstate. This lines up very good to get an extra ashmanes after dreamstate has ended you can really increase your dps by doing the timing right.

Talents 2/2/1/3/3/2/2 basic. This is the go to build if you don't need to help with small adds or tentacles. Most likely you do, so taking Lunar Inspiration here can be a dps increase. As with all multi dot fights. Typhoon here is very helpful for pushing small adds back in phase 2 if they spawn close to Xavius. During progression don't worry about taking a dps loss while helping with killing adds if that's what your guild needs done.


General tips!

I prefer Old War for every fight besides Eyeball.

Finding critical times to use Stampeding Roar is so good, but this all depends on your guilds strategies. An example would be Cenarius when our priest or rogue clears out the roots a speed boost here can mean more paths clear for raid to move and that free space can translate into more dps for your guild. This is your raid utility besides Rebirth. Learn how to coordinate it. Priests and warlocks are very slow, so a good Stampeding Roar can save them.

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