Dec 152010

So, as you know if you’ve been reading my blog, I really wanted the new alchemy dragon mount, which only drops from a Tol’Vir archaeology artifact (which requires 450 archaeology to even have a chance of spawning). With that in mind, I put aside the enjoyable questing I was doing and grinded lvl 83-85 solely through archaeology. (Yes, it took a while.) Yesterday, Blizzard quietly hotfixed archaeology to make 50% more fragments drop per dig, AND made the Alchemy mount BoE.

And then they nerfed Rake. (Which was probably needed, but still.) So, I’m a tad bit annoyed today. Anyway, /nerdrage and all, I appreciated the feedback on my last post. Lots of good tips there for heroics; take a look. I pulled together enough gear to enter my first heroic last night; a PUG which went through two tanks wiping on Umbriss before calling it quits. It looks like I’m going to have to start tanking if I want heroic gear at any appreciable rate. Or healing. *shudder*

(Yes, low content post again, studying for course exams, then the CISSP in January. Yay!)

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Dec 132010

(Bonus points to whoever can identify what game the subject comes from. Hint: It was a Warcraft II competitor.)

So, how was your weekend? After finding out that the Vial of the Sands recipe comes from archaeology, I decided to forgo questing for the time being and start grinding. I’ve leveled from 83 to 84.9 solely off archaeology digs (well, and cooking/fishing dailies). That’s about ~300 digsites. Uhhhhh. Thankfully, it’s pretty brainless, so I’ve successfully raised my Archaeology to 400; just need 50 more points before I unlock Tol’Vir sites. Once I ding 85, I can go back and do all the quests I skipped, and get that extra gold. :) I’ll probably do up an Archaeology guide at some point, if people are interested.

I’ve also made crazy amounts of gold off of the JC daily. Vek’nilash has now had the Lila daily 3 days running, which requires cutting three nightstones. Uncut nightstone price has been up over 150g, and I’ve sold at least 40-50, bleeding the AH dry of elementium ore in the process. (Honestly, I haven’t the foggiest idea why people don’t prospect their own. Laziness, I guess.) Interestingly, obsidium/elementium is now more expensive than pyrite on my server. I’ve got tons of blue gems sitting around, as well, for when I get cuts. (Protip: If you’re leveling JC from 450 to 475 so you can start the dailies/prospect elementium, buy/mine 10-15 stacks of obsidium, prospect it, cut and vendor all your alicites (uncommon yellow gems) to 465ish, then make hessonite bands to 475. Nightstones/jaspers/zephyrites are used for JC dailies, so you’ll want to save those, and carnelians will eventually rise in price because they can be xmuted into inferno rubies (rare red gem).

Since I haven’t done any dungeons/heroics except a couple, I asked one of our other guild ferals some of his thoughts (Hey Iust!), and I’ll share his (paraphrased) words in lieu of content. :) I’ll be doing some dungeons tonight, hopefully, and can start looking at revising the gear list/prepping a raid version.

  • On DPS: We are doing very well for DPS right now. Threat is a significant issue; I have to give tanks lots of lead time and use Cower on cooldown.
  • On utility: I love that I use every spell I have for heroics. Nurturing Instinct is great; Tranquility has saved multiple party wipes, and finding spots to drop in Rejuvs can really help the healer’s mana pool.  Roots is amazing CC because it works on anything; just make sure you have the glyph for instant cast. (Ala: If a roots gets broken, a quick cyclone can hold the mob until you can reroot.)
  • On tanking: No issues with bear tanking/threat at all. Use your CD’s! Don’t save them.
  • On heroic difficulty: Difficulty is perfect. A well-coordinated group can down a heroic in 1 – 1.5 hours. A poorly-coordinated group won’t make it through the trash. CC is vital.
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Dec 092010

Blizzard had me restored in six hours, so I was able to play last night…yay! (Thanks for those who commiserated.) Ironically, recovering items and reequipping took 3 minutes due to Outfitter and Postal, but remapping my keybinds took forever. I haven’t the foggiest idea why the thief would have reset my keybinds to default. Either way, he wasn’t very competent; I had logged out in my hearthstone location, the Dwarven District inn (right around the corner from the new AH and bank), and came back with my toon sitting in…Dalaran. I had my TOC tabard, so I guess they ported him there and flew down? Dunno.  They only hit 4 toons on Vek- my main, my bank toon, my 80 paladin, and my 17 priest…leaving alone my 80 DK and my 2 other lvl 30+ alts.

Thoughts from Day 2 of Cataclysm: (yes, these posts are pretty filler in content, but I’m not feeling any new guides are needed at the moment)

  • Quested through a good chunk of Deepholm last night. Eh. Least favorite zone so far. Maybe I’m just not a fan of earth/cave type zones, but it feels pretty filler to me. I dinged 83 after finding the second piece of the pillar, and quickly took off for Uldum.
  • Or tried, anyway. The Heroes Call: Uldum! breadcrumb quest text said that there was a portal from SW…but there’s not. :) Just ported to Moonglade and flew down.
  • Where I spent 30 min hitting archeology nodes that popped up on the way. :) It’s still boring as anything, but it’s better when you can hit sites as you go instead of having to grind it.
  • I like Uldum quite a bit so far. (That’s not surprising, since I loved Ulduar.) I haven’t done too much, just the new Harrison Jones line, but it’s great. This is the first zone that really brings out the “oh wow I’m weak again” feeling, though. I’m still not at the point where I need to use Rip on quest mobs, but it’s getting close. With Feral Charge glyphed, I’ve pretty much hit a pattern of alternating a Stampeded Ravage and a Tiger’s Fury for each quest mob.  I’ve replaced most of my ICC gear.
  • I think I’m going to take a short break from the quest grind and level my Alchemy. I need to start using that Truegold cooldown.
  • Hey, they hotfixed TH and Deepholm to have less resources! And the weekend’s coming up! Time to go buy out the AH.
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Dec 082010

Well, I had a post all ready to go about my Cataclysm thoughts…then I checked my Armory for something, and saw the happy sight of a naked toon. Yay. If it’s not restored by tonight, I guess I’ll be starting that worgen rogue a bit earlier than I planned.

(Summarized version: Realm First mining — awesome. Hyjal — sweet. Jousting 2.0 — ugh, did Blizz forget everything it learned about TOC? Raggy — awesome. Vashj’ir — beautiful, but I’m lost. Throne of Tides — great, but I know heroic difficulty is going to be a beast for PUG’s. Archaeology — Remember how they revamped fishing to make it better? They forgot those lessons. Mindless grind PLUS timesink travel…yay.  There’s archaeology dailies?)

I’m now recommending that you NOT trust the Dial-in Authenticator that Blizzard is currently offering. (It’s somewhat my fault, I guess. I had a phone authenticator, which I deactivated in order to change the phone’s ROM. I had some issues with the new ROM, though, so I just switched to the dial-in version until I could get the ROM figured out. That was a few days ago, and I hadn’t gotten around to changing it back.)

If there’s one good note to this, it’s a good sign that I’ve chilled out a little bit. When my account was hacked several months ago (pre-authenticator), I was PISSED. Now? Eh, whatever, I’ll get the stuff back eventually.

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Dec 062010

The day’s almost here…we’ve been waiting for Cataclysm for a long time. (for a kick, check out my first posts on Cataclysm here and here, from August 2009. My predictions have turned out pretty good, actually.)

I’ll be trying for a realm first in mining on my paladin alt (Why? Because it’ll be an endless source of amusement to me if I get it,  seeing as I’ve barely touched the pally since he hit 80…either way, someone will have it in 1-2 hours), then dipping into Mount Hyjal until I have to go to work. I’ll (hopefully) be dipping into a few instances tomorrow night, so I’ll try to post any thoughts I have from those.

If this is your first time here, these posts of mine may be of interest:

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Dec 032010

(Inspired by Keeva’s post at Tree Bark Jacket, for restos, and Reesi’s post at The Inconspicuous Bear, for bears. Subscribe to their blogs!)

As I did with factions previously, I figured I’d take a look at profession bonuses come Cataclysm. I’ll evaluate each profession in two categories: raiding utility and personal utility (which includes time-savers, money-savers/makers, or just-for-fun items).

Note that in regards to utility, I’ll only be looking at the exclusive bonuses to each profession. For example, being a Blacksmith lets you make Eternal Belt Buckles for an additional belt socket…but you could just buy one off the AH, so that’s not really important to me (It may be for you, however.) As the secondary professions are non-exclusive, I won’t be considering those.

Finally, realize that profession bonuses are probably only worth about 1% DPS (each). If you’re a casual player and don’t want to mess with professions, or you like your professions and you don’t want to min-max them for raiding, I wouldn’t worry about it too much.


Raiding Utility:

Personal Utility:

  • Double duration on flasks (Mixology)
  • Potion/Elixir/Transmute Mastery (15-20% chance to proc a free potion/elixir/epic gem when creating them; procs can chain)
  • Gem/Element Transmute CD’s
  • Turn into a rideable dragon


Alchemy is a very good profession. The Mixology benefits scale off the flask used, so it works well when sharing gear between cat and bear sets. The double flask duration and epic gem transmutes are huge money-savers/makers. The alchemist stone is pretty poor for everything but bears and possibly trees, but it’s pretty decent for an entry-level trinket (and it’s good for PvP too). Finally, a DRUID as a RIDABLE  DRAGON IS FREAKING AWESOME. It fits with the shapeshifting motif of the class, and is just, well, cool (much more appropriate than a silly rocket). Bonus: You can offer to fly friends/guildies/unsuspecting strangers somewhere, and instead fly way up high, make impossible demands, than dismount/shift to Swift Flight Form and follow them down. :)


Raiding Utility:

  • Two extra gem sockets (presumably filled with rare agi gems, for +80 agi)

Personal Utility:

  • None


BS used to be a desirable profession because the extra sockets allowed flexibility with choosing what stat to increase. With most of the profession’s giving primary stat bonuses, though, the flexibility’s not as helpful.


Raiding Utility

  • Ring enchant (+40 agi or +60 stam x2, for +80 agi or +120 stam for cats or bears)
  • Disenchant unwanted items for group/raid

Personal Utility

  • Disenchant unwanted items for self


Meh. Enchanting (rather, disenchanting) is a pretty decent money-maker; all the quest reward gear you find can be disenchanted and sold on the AH for 2-3x times their vendor value, and it’s great when soloing old content, but that’s about it.


Raiding Utility

Personal Utility

  • Teleport to Gadgetzan
  • Many pets and mounts
  • Many fun items
  • Electrostatic Condenser
  • Portable mailbox/repair/merchant


Engineering is more of a fun/utility profession than a standard raiding one. I’m sure someone will do the math on the other stuff, but right now, there’s no good lvl 85 melee DPS increase (no lvl 85 version of the Accelerators). Unless they come out with more glove tinkers or reduce the failure rate, I can’t recommend Engineering as a raiding profession.


Raiding Utility

Personal Utility


Not much here for ferals. Inscription has one great epic BoP trinket, but it’s a caster item. Druids make great Herbalists, though, and Inscription goes well with Herbalism. (Yes, I’m reaching.)


Raiding Utility

Personal Utility


JC is nice. It’s a fair choice for a profession, with a good trinket and some fun utility as well. Fire Prisms look to be better money-maker then they were in LK, but that remains to be seen, and the daily JC quest will probably be worth a good bit of gold if you’re willing to forgo getting patterns for a bit. (I wish all the crafting professions had something like this, actually.)


Raiding Utility

Personal Utility

  • Cheap personal leg armors


Currently,  Leatherworking is, by a large margin, the best raiding profession for ferals. Currently, crit is worth slightly less than 1/3rd the value of agility, which makes that 65 crit bonus equal to ~20 agility. That means the bonus from LW is +110 agi, vs. +80 from the others. I foresee this being changed; either a better bracer enchant will be introduced, or the LW embossment will be reduced to +80 agi and made able to stack with a bracer enchant. Don’t forget about the Drums of Speed; they still work, and will be helpful for Cataclysm’s raids.


Raiding Utility

Personal Utility

  • Cloth cooldowns


I’m not completely sure how to gauge the usefulness of the proc. If the uptime is around 25%, it’s worth around 75 agility, so it’s pretty well balanced, itemization-wise. It should stack well with other procs, too, but timing it can be challenging. If the uptime is higher, then it could blow other stuff out of the water. Of course, with big procs comes big threat.

Gathering Professions (Personal Utility is obvious here, good money-makers)

  • Herbalism:  Lifeblood (480 haste for 20s/2m = 80 static haste = 23 static agi)
  • Skinning: Master of Anatomy (80 crit = 23 agi)
  • Mining: Toughness (120 stam = 0 dps value, indeterminate survivability value)


None of the gathering professions are great for DPS, but that’s kind of the point.

Overall Ranking (Raiding):

  1. Leatherworking (+110 agi) — BiS profession for feral tanks and DPS
  2. Alchemy/Blacksmithing/Enchanting/Inscription/Jewelcrafting/Tailoring (+80 agi) — All pretty equal, tailoring still semi-TBD
  3. Engineering (TBD) — They made a new caster tinker, so I imagine they’ll make a new melee tinker…pretty bad until then
  4. Herbalism/Skinning (~23 agi) — If you must. Skinning provides mats to power LW, and Druids are great Herbalists in flight form.
  5. Mining (0 agi) — great for tanks; 0 DPS value, until you survive a raid AOE with 100HP. :)

I think my recommendations would be LW, and one of Alchemy/JC/Tailoring (which I see as superior money-makers for the average raider). I’ve been Alch/LW since early LK, and I plan to stay that way. I’m sure I’ve missed stuff from some of the other professions…let me know in the comments!

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Dec 022010

I’ve finished my updates to the guide; cleaned up quite a bit, added lvl 85 enchants/gems/consumables, etc. Check it out here, and please leave feedback. I’ve also tweaked the leveling guide, specifically the specs, in a couple places.) I’ve got one more Cataclysm guide coming, on professions, then I’m guided out for a while. :)

(Hint: I’m much more likely to listen to feedback that’s attached to a donation! Okay, not really. But it will get my attention.) /endshamelessbegging :P

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Nov 292010

Cataclysm has six factions (one per zone) that your character will need to build reputation with, in order to fully unlock their rewards. Drawing on my gear list,  I’ll take a look to see which factions offer the best rewards for your time, from a feral DPS perspective (though I’ll note a few tank items). The primary way to gain faction rep is by questing in their associated zone, which should (after completing all quests) raise reputation to at least Honored. Revered and Exalted will require wearing that faction’s tabard in instances (all except Tol Barad factions) or completing daily quests.

Guardians of Hyjal (Mount Hyjal)

I, along with most others, will be starting my Cataclysm leveling in Mount Hyjal. (If you even care about lore “slightly,” you should realize that for a druid, Mount Hyjal’s problem >>> Vashj’ir’s problem.) Reputation-wise, however, there’s not too much on offer here for the 85-minded druid. The Sly Fox Jerkin is a great piece but will be quickly eclipsed by heroic drops; however, for leveling and pre-heroic instances, there isn’t anything better. The rest is mediocre; the Acorn is okay, but better BoE (Jewelcrafting) options exist, and the Wrap is a (albeit very good) bear tanking piece.

The Earthern Ring (Vashj’ir)

Unlike Hyjal, there is no item here for us at Honored, so this zone will take some rep grinding. The Signet ring is excellent and will be a pre-raid BiS piece; other than that, though, there’s not much. The Arcanum, of course, is handy for bears, and the Cape is okay but not special (there are LOTS of blue cloaks to be found).

Therazane (Deepholm)

Sons of Hodir, version 2.0! Yawn. The ring is unremarkable, so quest through the zone to unlock the Lesser Inscription, then just tabard the rest of the rep (or run the dailies, up to you).

Ramkahen (Uldum)

I was prepared to ignore this rep entirely, then I realized our Arcanum comes from here. Bah. I will probably wait on this rep as well and use the Wildhammer arcanum as a fillin (see below)

Wildhammer Clan (Twilight Highlands)

You will want to quest extensively in Twilight Highlands for the quest reward gear (best available pre-instance, in most cases). As such, you’ll have a good bit of rep anyway. The Leggings are okay, but not really worth it (they’re an upgrade over the quest reward piece, but not a large one, and the JP item is superb). As mentioned above, the Wildhammer arcanum is a decent fillin until you grind Ramkahen. Finally, the gloves are EXCELLENT and are pre-raid BiS.

Baradin’s Wardens (Tol Barad)

Well, now. That’s the way to make me do PvP; put a great weapon and a great trinket on the vendor. :) That weapon should be your first priority; as with any melee DPS class, upgrading our weapon increases our damage output considerably, and the trinket is likely pre-raid BiS. Sadly, I believe the only way to rep up with your Tol Barad faction is via daily quests; once you hit 85, if you see that TB is up, stop queuing and get questing! (Remember, there’s only an hour between battles.)


After review, once I hit 85, I think I’ll be grinding the factions to Exalted in this order. If you disagree, let me know in the comments! Thanks.

  1. Baradin’s Wardens (use your dailies here)
  2. Wildhammer Clan (tabard this first)
  3. Ramkahen (ONLY to Revered, for the Arcanum)
  4. The Earthen Ring
  5. Therazane
  6. Guardians of Hyjal
  7. Ramkahen (Exalted)
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Nov 242010

to Blizzard for making such a great game. :)

I’ll be heading out for Thanksgiving early tomorrow morning, so no posts until next week. (I’ll try to reply to comments, but no promises.) Enjoy the weekend! Also, tanking right now is probably a bad idea for your blood pressure; apparently, Swipe should be renamed “ineffectual bat.”

(FWIW, I intended to test feral stuff last night, but I got sidetracked, first in a failed auction house venture, then in a new alt. Rolled a priest for the new Darkshore content…damn, Penance is crazy awesome. I still remember wanding my way through Westfall and quitting in frustration a few years ago.)

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