Jul 022013



Okay, so it’s not exactly cutting edge…but it is ahead of the curve. (C’mon, I’m entitled to one brag post now and then…just ignore all the skeletons in the background.) Congratulations to all my fellow raiders!

Some stats since I like them:

  • Total time to complete tier from launch: 17 weeks, though launch week was spent reclearing 5.0 content, so 16 weeks total. Since we raid 4 hours/week, that’s 64 hours. (An interesting experiment would be for someone to scrape WOL and analyze boss kill dates in the context of time spent raiding. Sure, your 12-hour/week guild may have killed LS in 8 weeks, but if it took you 96 total hours…? Of course, that’ guild has the disadvantage of fewer drops, VP, etc.)
  • Hardest bosses: Horridon, 4 weeks; Dark Animus, 3 weeks
  • Easiest bosses (first pull and kill in same week): Jin’rokh, Primordius, Twin Consorts
  • GuildOx ranking: ~12,000. Seems low, but if you consider ~32,000 guilds have killed Jin’rokh and ~25,000 have killed Horridon, we’re basically right in the middle. Given those numbers, flex raiding makes a lot more sense to me then it did previously. It seems most of us who read WoW blogs and are “plugged in” to the community, so to speak, are all naturally more interested in the game and thus gravitate to more “challenging” content, but there’s a vast audience of people out there who’ve raided a couple times and had to give it up, for whatever reason. Horridon killed 7,000 guilds; Council and Tortos 5,000 more; Megaera, Ji-Kun, and Durumu another 5k. I don’t feel like it’s difficulty killing these guilds, though, I think it’s just natural attrition, and Blizzard is hoping that flex will let guilds recruit as many players as they want (ish) for raiding so they can have a buffer to absorb manning problems.
  • Average ilvl of common raid members at time of Lei Shen kill: 523.7 (I just finished legendary, so was highest at 528)

Oh, and one obligatory DPS chart from our kill. Don’t let anyone tell you ferals aren’t viable.*

LeiShen DPS

*Excepting heroic raiders because you guys are crazy anyway…except I’m about to be one of those now. Hmm. Okay, back to work.

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Jun 272013

How in the hell is it June 26th? Anyway, I got a surprise pulling of the wisdom teeth this week (surprise!), which has actually given me an opportunity to consolidate all the half-written drafts sitting on the server into one long ramble while I sit here and self-medicate with ice cream. Today, I’ll talk about the current Patch 5.4 developments on the PTR.

PvE changes

Feral didn’t get much in the way of changes (unlike the mana specs, who got big fixes), so what’s here is mostly PvP nerfs. The few PvE changes:

  • Nature’s Swiftness is gone (becomes resto spec innate) replaced by Ysera’s Gift, which is a passive 5% heal every 5s. Ugh.

    First, that talent is terrible. Good for leveling, sure, you’ve already got a lot of other buttons to worry about when learning, and this keeps you topped off from mob to mob. In any type of endgame content, though, what kills people is burst damage, which this is NOT a preventative tool for. Renewal is, but most fights with damage spikes occur more frequently than every 2 minutes  Second, the loss of NS hurts a lot for off-healing potential. I’ve saved plenty of raiders with a clutch NS+HT when they drop low (or myself, heh). Can’t do that anymore on command; sure, you still get PS procs, but that’s not guaranteed when you need it.  Finally, no more using it to help power Dream of Cenarius, so that’s a DPS nerf (albeit minor).

  • DoC got redesigned to be for all specs, with the Feral version being nerfed to 15%. Then, they reverted the Feral change back to what it was originally. No idea what the hell will happen at this point.
  • The glyph of Ferocious Bite is doubled in effectiveness, which means I’ll think about it twice as long before rejecting it. Still, there’s not a ton of good third-glyph options, so you may as well select it if you don’t use the Glyph of Shred.

PvP changes

  • Cyclone no longer has the 20s CD for feral, but can also no longer be instacast with Predatory Swiftness. Overall, I’m okay with this change from a PvP standpoint; since they’re moving away from a design that focuses on instant casts, I was sure that wasn’t going to stick around,
  • Faerie Fire’s duration reduced to 20s (was 40s) in PvP. This is actually a buff, believe it or not, as you can always re-FF someone, but there’s not much you can do when YOU are FF’ed.
  • The Force of Nature treant now casts Entangling Roots instead of Bash. No comment on duration, but this is another PvP nerf, albeit a needed one.
  • Innervate is tweaked and restricted to resto/balance. Not really a big deal, as the only time I use Innervate now is right after a spec switch so I can rebuff a few seconds faster.

There’s a few other minor changes as well, hit the notes for the full details.

Set bonuses

The 2piece bonus is interesting, but I expect it’ll get nerfed for PvP reasons. Remember, you still keep the effect of the OOC proc (free next ability). That combined with 50%+ Mangles? Burst city, Batman. If this stuck around, you’d definitely see an ICD get put on the buff. The 4piece is less interesting, and frankly, pretty terrible from a game design perspective, as it forces the player to make a choice with no good answers. “I’m at 3CP, low energy, TF just came off CD. Do I waste CP by hitting TF now, or waste TF uptime and energy and wait until I can drop a finisher and pop TF with 0 CP’s?” Do not like.

Either way, I’m certain we’ll see the numbers get moved around (for both talents and set bonuses) as the PTR develops. It’s not time to panic yet; set bonuses get redesigned all the time.

T14 agility trinkets

Wowhead datamined the initial drafts of the agility trinkets in the last patch. Here they are (please ignore the numbers, let’s just talk about the effects for the moment):

  1. Equip: Increases the cooldown recovery rate of six of your major abilities by 39%. Effective for Agility-based damage roles only. Equip: Your attacks have a chance to grant you 11759 Agility for 20 sec. (AFAIK, it’s TF that would get the CD reduction, along with SI, Barkskin, and Ursoc.)
  2. +1959 Haste Equip: Your attacks have a [99 / 10]% chance to trigger Multistrike, which deals instant additional damage to your target equal to 1/3 of the original damage dealt.
  3. +1959 Crit Equip: Your attacks have a [161 / 100]% chance to Cleave, dealing the same damage to all other nearby targets.
  4. +1959 Mastery (3.27 @ L90)
    Equip: Your melee and ranged attacks have a chance to grant you [1068 * 20] Agility for 20 sec. Each melee or ranged attack you make reduces this effect by 1068 Agility.
  5. +1959 Agility
    Equip: When your attacks hit you have a chance to gain 11759 Mastery for 20 sec.

#1 is the most interesting one from a design perspective. Reducing TF from a 30s CD to a 20s CD “feels” like a major buff, vs. all the others which are just bigger numbers. More TF’s means more energy means more abilities means more active time, which is fun. (DPS wise, it’s not bad either, since you’re increasing the TF buff uptime from 20% to 30%.)

#2 is fairly boring, since there’s no real way to strategize it and it’s just random extra damage.

#3 is cool because they’re clearly trying to incentivize switching trinkets around on a per-fight basis.

#4 could be extremely OP for ferals if the agility reduction only happens on specials (yellow), but I seriously doubt that. As such, I think this’ll be our least valued trinket due to our high white attack speed.

#5 is also boring, but likely very strong due to the mastery proc.

Still nothing about them nerfing Rune of Reforg…err, Re-origination. It’ll happen, but hopefully it’s before people start passing on drops.

Legendary cloak procs

Included in today’s datamine was the procs for the legendary cloak – here’s what the agility one looks like. (As above, ignore numbers.)

Flurry of Xuen: Your damaging attacks have a chance to trigger a Flurry of Xuen, causing you to deal 60% weapon damage to all targets in front of you, every 0.5 sec for 3 sec.

Hmm, where have I seen this ability before..let me think…oh, right! Fists of Fury! The windwalker ability that is generally despised because it locks down your mobility! Hopefully, it’s not quite that bad; I’m assuming it keeps going if you move, otherwise it’ll be insanely frustrating. I mean, it’s a free proc, there’s no reason NOT to put it on your cloak, but let’s add another thing to the “annoy me because it procs right as I’m running out” list. Yay. Have we gotten anything to look forward to yet? Other then the fact I can now be Alaron the Crazy Cat Man?

As an aside, raids  tend to have a mechanic that the designers are focusing on. Dragon Soul was movement; MV/HoF/ToES was interrupts; Throne was avoidable damage (arguably, haven’t seen heroic). I have a feeling Siege is going to be “add killing and personal survivability,” which is going to be…fun. We’re good at one of those, and it’s not the one that raid leaders focus on.



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Jun 062013

frustrated catFirst off, my apologies to anyone who attempted to get to the website last Saturday. My hosting provider decided that my site was using too many resources, so they blocked my site and sent me an email…at 6 AM on Saturday morning. Right, I’m going to be on that one immediately. :) Thanks to Twitter friends, I found out what was going on,  made a few tweaks and got them to unblock it Sunday morning. That said,  this is the third time it’s happened, and it’s really annoying that they don’t give me a prior warning so I can figure out what’s causing the resource usage spike. (Remember, Saturday at 6AM…not likely to be user activity, so must be something misconfigured somewhere, but I can’t fix it unless I see the problem happening.) Anyway, I will be looking into new hosting providers to hopefully prevent this from happening again; hope nobody needed an emergency Catus reforge on Saturday.

I’ve got about a month to get things sorted, as I’ll be transitioning in mid-July into pre-deployment leave/pre-deployment prep/deployment. Unlike last time, I won’t say my goodbyes; I have a much better idea of what I’m getting into, and I know I’ll have time to blog once all the dust settles from the move. (Hopefully not famous last words.) Either way, though, I won’t have much to say from mid-July through mid-September, or therabouts.

In cheerier news, I’ve finally secured a 502+ helm, so I’m seeing the benefits of the metagem for the first time, and it’s quite nice. Other than that, though, I’m already bored with 5.3. The stuff in the Barrens is fun once, but there’s not enough depth there to encourage replayability; now that I’ve completed it twice, there’s not even a meaningful reward to earn save transmog gear and Valor Points.  I loved the few heroic scenarios I did, but interest in those has dropped off; I can’t find people in Trade anymore who want to run one, and my guild of working professionals is hit-or-miss on when they’re around. So…yeah. Still need to do the new Brawlers bosses, though, so at least that’s something. Keeping a feral rotation going on Hexos is frustratingly fun. :)

Oh, and before I forget, the Team Waffle podcast is hosting a Feral Roundtable this Saturday at 11 AM PST; there’s an active thread on the forums here for question submission, so feel free to ask whatever suits your fancy. Our own Tinderhoof (yes I still claim him) will be participating, along with several other heroic PvE/high-rated PvP players. I’ll link to it again when the recording goes up, but if you don’t get your question into the thread, feel free to pop into their twitch stream during the broadcast and ask then!

(I also forgot to link Edgy’s interview a few weeks ago; check it out for some more perspective on Catus and the hard-knock feral life.)

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May 212013

Made a to-do list for myself for whenever I finally get into patch 5.3, and figured I’d share.

  1. Go get your 3 MoguCoins (because you’ll forget if you jump right into all the shiny new stuff)
  2. Spend your VP on upgrading whatever you want to upgrade. Priority should go to the items with the most stats, aka weapons, trinkets, chest/pants, etc. Upgrading is fairly cheap, so I wouldn’t worry too much about upgrading something only to replace it later.
  3. Queue for Pinnacle LFR (because I still need runestones and a helm for my legendary meta). If you’ve finished through Chapter III of the legendary questline, go talk to Wrathion. Datamined info says that next step is a solo scenario where you visit one of the Celestials, with each Celestial offering a different challenge based on role (melee/ranged/tank/heal). Reward is an ilvl 600 cloak.
  4. Go talk to Loremaster Cho to start the new Battlefield Barrens questchain, and do the two required scenarios.
  5. Port to Barrens and complete quests there. Once complete through Battlefield: Barrens, you can come back to Pandaria and do a quick finishing quest to get some 502 boots.
  6. Find 2 other people and queue for a heroic scenario. The first one you complete has a guaranteed random ilvl 516 item; after that, the first one each day has a chance at a 516, so might start trying to round people up on a nightly basis until I’m in full 522’s/upgraded 502’s.
  7. At some point, go clear out Kara/SSC/TK for the new battle pets, and give the new Brawler’s Guild a try. Got Rank 8 before, interested in seeing the Rank 9-10 guys.
  8. Oh, and check out the new version of Force of Nature.
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May 202013

It’s PATCH DAY TOMORROW! I’ll run down what ferals need to know real quick.

Savage Roar now increases physical damage done by 40%, instead of 30%.

Feel the love! This won’t be quite a 10% damage increase, but it’ll be close to that. Don’t expect to shoot right to the top of the meters, though, as pretty much all the melee classes (excepting warriors, rogues, and DK’s) got some buffs too. No nerfs, as far as I can tell, so raid DPS should go up across the board.

Tranquility now targets 12 raid members (up from 5) each time it heals when used in a 25-player instance. This change also applies to players using the Symbiosis version of Tranquility.

This change equalizes the power of Tranquility in both 10’s and 25’s, and is a large change to the better for those ferals in the larger raids. Tranquility is now a definite option as a raid cooldown.

Force of Nature is no longer on global cooldown and summons a single Treant. The Treant no longer has a control bar, immediately uses its special abilities on the Druid’s current target, and accumulates 1 charge every 20 seconds up to a maximum of 3 charges.

I’ll have to play around with this and see what I think. It won’t outstrip SOTF for overall damage, but should be interesting for dailies/scenarios where stuff dies fast. Does it still have a targeting circle? If not, it can be macroed. I think this will probably get used for the stuns more than everything else.

Mark of the Wild had its mana cost reduced to 5%, down from 10%.

Yay for rebuff on spec switch.

Guardian Mastery: Nature’s Guardian is now 33% stronger (2% per point instead of 1.5%).

While mastery is still pretty bad for guardians, this does help the offspec tanks like me who can’t be bothered to reenchant all our feral gear.

Lots of other goodies out there too, of which the big one is the return of item upgrading, at a much cheaper price. Which item to upgrade should be pretty self-explanatory; stick with anything you won’t replace anytime soon, and prioritize items that are more important, such as weapons and trinkets. I’ll take a more detailed look at that soon. If you’re looking for a rundown of patch changes for the other specs, here you go: Sunfyre’s got moonkinBeru’s got restoration, and Arielle’s got guardian. The full PTR patch notes are here.

Personally, I’m just waiting for Jin’rokh to drop that helm so I can use my legendary metagem. :(


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May 092013

So, in case you haven’t been keeping up, Lei Shen drops a fantastic trinket for ferals, the Rune of Re-Origination. By far, it’s our BiS trinket, even in the Raid Finder flavor. However, you’ll need to do some reforging to maximize it’s potential, since you’ll want to get your stats as close to even as possible (with mastery on top) so you get the greatest benefit from the doubling effect. Unfortunately, most reforging calculators out there don’t support this option. If you want, you can try to do it by hand, or force a calculator to help you (aggixx, one of our invaluable contributors, has a Youtube video on this). There’s an easier way, however.

Enter Catus.

Created by Edgy(aka raffy), another of our invaluable contributors, this helpful simulator tool can take care of the math for you. The program’s still in alpha and isn’t documented very well yet, so I’ve made a quick guide to show you how to set it up. You’ll need Java installed on your computer, if it isn’t already.

1. Download the latest version of Catus from this thread in the forums. Once downloaded, extract and run it (Catus.jar). It takes a while to start up the first time because it downloads item information from the Internet; just let it go. Eventually, it’ll open up to the main screen.

2. Import your character by typing in the name and realm, and clicking “Import.”

3. Check the gear listed to make sure it’s what you want (for this scenario, I gave myself a Rune, because I don’t have one yet /cry). Once happy, click “snapshot current profile in the Gear Differences pane.

4. Once you do that, go down to the reforging box: here’s my pre-reforge stats:

As you can see, this is a typical mastery-heavy setup, with about 7.5k worth of non-mastery, resulting in a 15k mastery setup. We can do better. Click Reforge, and watch the magic happen.

Went from 15k to 19k procs..I’ll take it! Feel free to play with the options; if it gives you a Hit/Exp error, you may need to go into the Constraints tab and lower the “lower bound,’ as it’s effectively saying it can’t hit/exp cap you with current gear. Once you’re done, click the Export button to get a list you can import to Reforgerade, or a similar addon. Have fun! Oh, and in case you’re curious, here’s the DPS difference as reported by Catus:





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May 052013

Hey, ferals! Want to ignite, but never had the opportunity to obtain Fandral’s Flamescythe, and don’t have a pocket raid to obtain one? Never fear, the CM’s are here! A few days ago, Crithto let slip on the forums that Burning Seed, previously thought to be unavailable, was actually in-game, like, for reals (whether it’s been in-game since 5.2 or just hotfixed in recently is unclear). After a search, several players located them in the Firelands. After grabbing some myself last night, I figured I’d whip up a quick guide.


A druid (duh). Any spec will work, though Guardian or Restoration will be the easiest. That’s it; you don’t need any other players to pull this off.

Getting There

Take the portal from your home city to Mount Hyjal, and fly to the area marked Sulfuron Spire. The portal to Firelands is at the bottom; make sure you’ve set it to 10-man before entering. Once inside, follow this route, using stealth as appropriate to bypass the trash:

firecat map

Taking out the Trash

The hardest part of this (and really, it’s not that hard, though you might die a couple times figuring it out) is getting through the initial trash event. See map:

alysrazor trash

The key here is the Blazing Monstrosities: these BigBirds(tm) will start spewing what appears to be explosive shells about 10 seconds into pulling anything in here. These hurt. However, they 1) track you, but very slowly, meaning it’s kitable and 2) the explosions damage enemies. As such, you just need to keep yourself alive and let the Monstrosities kill everything. The caster NPC’s need to die first, since they can stun you; you’ll want to use your cooldowns right off the pull to help stay alive. Once those are dead, move back to the Egg Piles and run circles around them until they die from the fire. All this time, the Egg Piles will be spawning little trash mobs; these aren’t much of a threat at 90. Once the Egg Piles are gone, finish off any little adds and then go circle around the Monstrosities until they blow themselves up.

The next part’s easy. Smack Staghelm (or grab a feather, on subsequent pulls) to activate Alysrazor; she’ll rush out, drop a bunch of feathers, and head into the air. Grab three feathers to get flight, and take off, following this route:

firecat map 2Once you get there, hopefully the boss resets, or you’re a Night Elf and can Shadowmeld to reset. If not, you’re not going to have a ton of time before the nest Alysrazor phase starts and kills you. You’re looking for little seeds, which are floating in the lava flow next to the portal. They’re extremely small, so you may need to zoom in. Here’s a few pics so you can see what you’re looking for:



That’s it! There’s typically 3-5 seeds scattered around; they are Unique(5), which means you can only carry 5 at any point.  However, they are also Bind to Account, so feel free to mail some to alts if you want to stockpile. (There’s also no level requirement, so feel free to use it on a low-level druid, too; however, you have to be a druid to loot them in the first place.) As for the Seed itself, when used, it grants the buff Burning Essence for 60 minutes. This persists through death, shapeshifting, basically anything, unlike the buff from the original weapon. Have fun igniting!

firecat in pandaria

Exlipse on wowhead

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Apr 262013
A few people have asked me on an update on my wife’s situation, so I figured I’d share what’s been keeping my attention lately.
WARNING: Personal-type stuff ahead. Your WoW-related content will resume presently.
As long-term readers know, my wife has multiple sclerosis (yes, this is separate from the other medical issues she had last year). We’ve been lucky that the MS has been in remission, but earlier this year that ceased. This time, it’s effectively paralyzed one of her legs. Well, because she’s stubborn, she still tried to get things done around the house, and ended up falling, hitting her head, and getting a concussion. Yay.
So, now instead of going to the middle of nowhere for three weeks on a military exercise, I’ve been working at home to make things more wheelchair-accessible. Thankfully, there’s been no insurance issues, so we’re receiving lots of equipment support (wheelchair, lift for our van, etc). The sheer stress of all the changes, though, has been weary for both of us, as I’ve had to take on all the household responsibilities…oh, and yes, we have a very active 4-year-old.  At least I won’t be out in the field worrying, so that’s one minor benefit.
Once things get settled, I intend to get back to writing more frequently; I’m just stuck at a spot where I don’t have the mental energy to sit down and write the usual overly-researched strategies that are my forte. There’s still a lot I’d like to write about soloing and pet battles, as well as the usual feral things; happily, though, all the really good ferals are holding things down on the forums, so I feel some reassurance in that area. Things will get better…even if I have to do all the laundry myself now. :)
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Apr 172013

In general, I hate blogs with updates that say “Sorry for the lack of updates…” but, well…yeah. Between serious and ongoing family issues and an upcoming exercise, I won’t have much to say or time to say it until, well, sometime after Memorial Day. (The end of May.) Thankfully, there’s plenty of good forum discussion to keep you sustained. Enjoy.

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Mar 312013

Honey, I’m home! Excuse me while I shake the sand out of, well, everything.

As I alluded to previously, I’ve been quiet for a while because I’ve been in Kuwait for the past two weeks, planning for my unit’s next deployment. As a mechanism to get myself started up again, I’ll be flipping through the last few pages of news posts on MMO-Champion and commenting whenever appropriate (or when not…wherever I feel, really! Hell, it’s good to be home.) I’ll also have a catch-up post for feral topics once I can wade through two weeks of forum posts, and I’ll start updating the various guides  for 5.2.

New Hearthstone CCG. I started out with Magic:TG as a kid, though my finely tuned economic sense kicked in after the first couple booster packs I bought. I’ve played a lot of Magic and other CCG-type games online though; it’s definitely one of my favorite genres. Very happy to see Hearthstone, though I’m sure the people at Cryptozoic (WoW TCG) aren’t. Yes, they can talk until they’re blue in the face about it being different…but let’s be real, the market for “hey, I want to play a WoW-themed card game” isn’t very big. I would’ve thought they would have diversified it among all the Blizzard properties, but maybe that’s a future expansion. “My Kerrigan deck can beat your Thrall…wait, you switched to Tyrael? Crap.”

I’m pleasantly surprised in the initial details for deck construction. If they stick to the “max 2 of same card per deck, only 1 legendary” model, that means building a competitive deck should be reasonably fast; most of the progression will be horizontal (enabling new deck builds) than vertical (optimizing for a specific build). Of course, since the only source of cards is RNG, that means a LOT of grinding (or cash money) to fully optimize a build, but I suspect the difference between non-optimized and optimized builds (aka no/wrong rares/epics/legendaries) will be pretty slight. I’m assuming the disenchant/craft feature will not yield epics/legendaries, but we’ll see. I may also be misunderstanding the rarity system somewhat, as I’m also seeing references to “golden” cards, which I don’t quite get yet.

Crap. I just realized I’m probably going to have to start a Hearthstone blog. Can a man get some free time, please? Eighth day of the week, solely for recreational purposes, call it Funday? That Steam queue isn’t getting any shorter.

PvP gear changes in 5.3. I freely admit I’ve detested WoW PvP for a long time. My first experience with it was grinding AV for an S2 staff for my lock to raid Karazhan; my second experience was futilely trying to land Shreds while playing from an Oceanic realm with high pings.I kept meaning to give it another go, never did, but this might push me over the top. I think these changes finally nail the “how to we let people in PvE gear have a fun PvP experience while still providing PvP progression for those who play often” problem, but as I’m a definite neophyte in this area, I’ll just leave it at that (Neophyte: The nice way to say noob.)

Item Upgrades returning in 5.3, much cheaper than before. From a statistical perspective, this and Thunderforged items make things quite a bit more difficult, as the definition of “BiS” keeps stretching. From a game perspective, though, this is great in that it drastically pushes out the cap at where you can no longer keep increasing your character’s power, which keeps people playing. Of course, the alternative view (I can’t stand VP grinding, if I’m Heroic raiding or bought all my VP pieces anyway, this just addis extra busywork) is also reasonable. Personally, I take a middle ground. I do the content I enjoy (scenarios, dailies 1-2 times a week, a few 5-mans, current-tier LFR) and if I don’t cap VP…*shrug*. There’s always next week. Note, though, that it took me a long time to get to that point and past the “I have to cap VP every week or I’m letting my raid down” mindset (which is a topic for another post).

Bonus roll time increased to 3 minutes. About freaking time. I know, I know, I should have AtlasLoot or something up ahead of time so I can predetermine whether to spend a MoguCoin(TM), but..yeah. “Hmm, boss killed, use a coin? Let’s check the Dungeon Journal…ugh UI taint bug that won’t let me click on individual bosses..uhhh….tickticktick…mightaswell. C’mon, Daddy needs a new….3rd Arrow-Breaking Windcloak. Yeah, that’s great. Just what I always wanted.”

LFR drop rates increase quantified. (This is based on the MMO-C data that shows Satchel drop rate for 5.0 raids as 68% and 5.2 as 81%, hence gear drop rates of 32% (up from 16%) for 5.0 and 19% for 5.2.) Of course, less time fighting the RNG boss is a good thing all around. However, this doesn’t help the problem I’ve mentioned before; if you’re going for a specific item, then your rate for each boss gets divided by the number of items dropped for that boss. This was a big problem for those looking to get Gao-Rei back in 5.0 (16% drop chance * 33% item chance = ~5% droprate), and Rune of Reorigination will be the same for 5.2.

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